Party Entertainment Made Easy!

Jumping Castles.

Why do our children love them soooo so much?

Like walking through a crowded marketplace isn’t crazy enough without those little eyes hunting down the first speck of a jumping castle hundreds of metres away past all the stalls, people, smells of food, and they’re only half my height! How do they even see it from so far way?!

It’s the bright colours, the excitement of everyone around, the simple joy of bouncing and flinging themselves through the air knowing they get to fall back to that giant airy pillow. Its new, different, exciting, adventure!!

For the kids it’s amazing, and it can be for us parents too.

How you say?

Because it releases energy and laughter, encourages activity and the outdoors, it’s social, it lets children explore, be brave, try new things – like crazy jumps and games! Kids can get loud, rowdy, squeal and laugh at the top of their lungs, all whilst still being contained in the same soft air filled jumping arena – not in your lounge room! They can jump and throw themselves high in the air knowing they have that unusual squishy air pillow to capture them.

Jumping castles let kids be kids and just have some good old fashioned fun!

Jumping Castles let parents be parents and take a moment out to sit and drink a hot cuppa (or a wine) amongst the hectic day of a party, wedding, sports club event, whatever the event may be.

It lets parents catch up with friends whilst the kids do the same, often gobbling up hours of fun before we even know it!

So, could a jumping castle make your event planning easier and less stressful?

What events do you have coming up where you’d like to encourage the kids to get outdoors, stay easily entertained for hours whilst leaving time for you to stop and enjoy the day as well?

Book yourself that Jumping Castle, and make your party planning a whole lot easier.


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